X-Rocks, The Official Energy Drink of SuperEnduro!


As we approach the opening round of the Championship, ABC Communication continues to work actively to improve the discipline. A new partnership with X-Rocks Energizer energy drink is another important step in the right direction.

X-Rocks is a brand new energy drink distributed by Goldentyre. This drink has been created after experiencing the demands and thrills of many different types of extreme sports competitions around the world.
Marco CARIBOTTI and his team at X-Rocks have created a unique energy drink formula. X-Rocks is not merely a standard energy drink, it gives the boost needed for athletes, and improves the concentration of any person partaking in intense intellectual activity.
This energy recipe, thanks to its combination of sugar, caffeine, taurine and vitamin B, offers a strong energy boost to your body during physical activity, to improve performance. X-Rocks is also ideal as a recovery drink after exercise.
Alain BLANCHARD (ABC Communication) and Marco CARIBOTTI have signed a contract between X-Rocks and the FIM Maxxis SuperEnduro World Championship for the next three years.

Marco CARIBOTTI, President: “X-Rocks is not just an energy drink, it’s also really beneficial to many different people. Our product will bring a boost of stamina, and boost athletic performance, as well as helping the body and brain in times of stress.

Tomorrow evening the 2018 SuperEnduro season will begin, and ABC Communication welcomes the arrival of an energy drink such as X-Rocks Energizer for this young and growing sport. No doubt, this new partnership can further enhance SuperEnduro too!